Welcome to Overback Trading

OVERBACK TRADING is a company made up of a group of experienced professionals who are committed to developing and promoting fair trade at all levels between nations around the world.
The company has been in existence since 2003, working hard and we truly value honesty, transparency, professional ethics, partnership, and marketing relationships to bring Sellers and Buyers together, having built our portfolio of partnerships and alliances on that working philosophy.
Our regular suppliers give us the necessary support to assure buyers smooth, secure and profitable transactions. 
Facing a competitive environment and fast globalization, we are continually establishing new partnerships to expand our reach.

We believe that the most important and essential point in business is trust, and that is why we only make promises which we are able to deliver upon. 
Being a small and agile company, our mission is:
  • To strongly focus in Seller and Buyer satisfaction
  • To provide key services for companies interested in trading their products and services worldwide.
  • To seek out both prospective buyers and suppliers for companies in their international trading activities.