Wind Alternator GD THALIA 1500


1. Technical Specifications

2 Generator Installation
2.1 Siting
An ideal location for wind generator is required with stable speed and direction of prevailing wind. Small changes in wind speed and direction can have a dramatic effect on power
production. In general, the higher the tower, the greater the wind speed and ultimately power production are. Therefore, the site of your wind generator should be carefully considered. Each
installation is different and is often compromised among the tower height, distance from the battery bank, local zoning requirements and obstacles such as buildings and trees. Following
requirements should be followed:
 The minimum recommended tower height is 2 m on open ground or 4 m above nearby obstructions .
 Try to locate the wind generator in the “cleanest” turbulent free air as possible. Turbulence will reduce the efficiency of wind generator and may accelerate wear on rotating components.
 Try to locate the generator without obstacles within 200m of installation center.
 The installation distance between two generators should be 2 times of the Bladedrum diameter.
 Installation site should be complied with local regulations.