Our SEARCH & LOCATE Service to Corporate Clients 

Corporate Buyers, Companies, Distributors - Whatever product or materials you are selling or using in quantities now in you business can be found cheaper elsewhere. But do you really have the time to contact tens or even hundreds of suppliers to find that one supplier that can meet your exact specific requirements? And do you really want to be spammed by hundreds of hopeful suppliers with offers not even related to what you are searching for?

Allow OVERBACK TRADING  and its agents around the world to take care of it.

Tell us exactly what you need, in which country your new supplier must be if any, and any other requirements you might have.
We can either find you the right supplier on our data base, or (more likely) through our Search & Locate Service, where several of our agents around the world receives the lead from us and set out to identify, contact and request quotations from manufacturers that meet your exact requirements. You then deal directly with the right supplier, without any further input from Overback Trading.
But if you want us to, we will be glad to do the full monty and structure a tailor-made deal for you where we take care of the complete Import & Export process and have your merchandise from your new supplier delivered to your premises anywhere in the world.
Contact us for more info or speak to your local agent.